Friday, February 4, 2011

A Success?

I just posted my first two YouTube tutorials!!!  YAY!!
They are pretty awful, haha, but it is a learning process.
Check em out!
My First Tutorial (Tropical Look)
My Second Tutorial (Bold Smoky Eye)

There will be more, and they will get better!!!
Have a wonderful night love doves!



                After checking tons of reviews I have finally purchased a video camera!  This is so exciting to me!  I have only had it for a few days now, but I am getting used to it.  I already filmed an eyeshadow tutorial (which is already edited and being uploaded to YouTube as we speak!).  My tutorial came out - ummm, okay I guess. HAHA... I have to do some more practicing when it comes to camera angles/lighting and just plan editing.  It is hard work!  I never thought it would be some complicated/time consuming! I love it anyhow.  
                I also began a list of blog-post ideas.  This includes products I want to review and eye shadows that should be swatched and/or promoted.  I feel that if I continue to put hard work and effort into this blog and my new YouTube Channel, it will come together nicely soon enough!  I expect not to have a billion followers, and honestly, the thought of that freaks me out!  I just wanted to expand my hobby - branch out a bit.  APPLYING makeup only goes so far.  I can't apply my own makeup 8 times a day, it's just not good for the skin!!  The Point: Thank You For Your Patience!
                The last part of my update is uber-exciting!  This morning, I placed my order with a large mineral distribution company.  Which in turn means, I will be making my own eye shadows/ blush!  WOOOOOO!!!  I have been waiting to do this for quite some time now, and I finally had enough $$$ to follow through!  I cannot even BEGIN to express how excited I am!  I will be sure to post a FULL review on the company I purchased from and swatch my newly made colors as I create them!
                Well, I must finish editing my videos now, and maybe create a new one?!?!  Stay tuned, good things are on the way!!

XOXO - Vicki