Monday, March 7, 2011

My Own Line of Mineral Eyeshadows!!

I have yet to post the review made for the company I purchased my minerals from, but until then, there's this!
Below I will post pictures of the eyeshadows I have personally made so far.  They are for sale, and I do accept PayPal :)  So, Let's get started!! (P.S. I will be making a separate blog for my cosmetic line as soon as I think of a company name!!)

Lots of Pictures and more info after the jump!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Success?

I just posted my first two YouTube tutorials!!!  YAY!!
They are pretty awful, haha, but it is a learning process.
Check em out!
My First Tutorial (Tropical Look)
My Second Tutorial (Bold Smoky Eye)

There will be more, and they will get better!!!
Have a wonderful night love doves!



                After checking tons of reviews I have finally purchased a video camera!  This is so exciting to me!  I have only had it for a few days now, but I am getting used to it.  I already filmed an eyeshadow tutorial (which is already edited and being uploaded to YouTube as we speak!).  My tutorial came out - ummm, okay I guess. HAHA... I have to do some more practicing when it comes to camera angles/lighting and just plan editing.  It is hard work!  I never thought it would be some complicated/time consuming! I love it anyhow.  
                I also began a list of blog-post ideas.  This includes products I want to review and eye shadows that should be swatched and/or promoted.  I feel that if I continue to put hard work and effort into this blog and my new YouTube Channel, it will come together nicely soon enough!  I expect not to have a billion followers, and honestly, the thought of that freaks me out!  I just wanted to expand my hobby - branch out a bit.  APPLYING makeup only goes so far.  I can't apply my own makeup 8 times a day, it's just not good for the skin!!  The Point: Thank You For Your Patience!
                The last part of my update is uber-exciting!  This morning, I placed my order with a large mineral distribution company.  Which in turn means, I will be making my own eye shadows/ blush!  WOOOOOO!!!  I have been waiting to do this for quite some time now, and I finally had enough $$$ to follow through!  I cannot even BEGIN to express how excited I am!  I will be sure to post a FULL review on the company I purchased from and swatch my newly made colors as I create them!
                Well, I must finish editing my videos now, and maybe create a new one?!?!  Stay tuned, good things are on the way!!

XOXO - Vicki

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wet n Wild Spring 2011 Collection

 New Wet n Wild!!New Wet n Wild Collection!
**This collection is permanent and will become more readily available in the next month or two**

Okay, let me start by saying that I did not expect to purchase anything from this collection.  Not because I do not like Wet n Wild ( Anything in their ColorIcon series holds a place in my heart!), rather I assumed it would be unobtainable in my area, as most WnW products are.  Well, to my surprise I found it!  I ran into my local Rite Aid (which I NEVER go into-I am a CVS/Walgreens girl) to purchase a birthday card for my grandmother and on my way out (insert Harp sounds here) There It WAS!! I frantically grabbed one of each (which was practically all that was left).  I didn't get to open them up and play until hours later, and my goodness - I was blown away!  At the time of my "shopping spree", these trios were on sale for a whopping $1.99 each.  C'mon now, that is INSANE!  I have had these for about a week now, and I cannot stop using them.  They are THAT good!  Here are some swatches of each of the trios.  The left two of each color are on
Too-Faced Shadow Insurance (first applied wet, and then dry) and the left two are on NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk (also applied wet and then dry).
Want Swatches?  Keep Reading!

Girls' Night!

My friends and I had a “Girls’ Night” last week and decided to do MAKEOVERS!! I did their makeup, and then my friend Kristi did mine (after a bit of coaxing!!).  Now, Kristi is not really into makeup, or at least not yet, but she really did try to think outside of the box!  She was inspired by my earrings, which made her think of mermaids- I can see that.
Here is a photo of the look she did (I have her permission to post) :

I was inspired by her attempt, and that is how I came up with my “80’s” look.  I used the new Spring Collection ColorIcon palettes by Wet n Wild to do my look!! (Kristi used the 1st edition 120 palette).  These WnW eye shadows are the boss!! (lol)
My 80's Look:

I am wearing Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Sand Beige, MAC MSF Natural in Light, MAC MSF in Comfort, MAC Cream Colour Base in Madly Magenta (on cheeks and lips->then topped off with the pink shade from the I’m Getting Sunburned WnW palette!)

I hope you like it! Please leave me some feedback <3
love ya’s!!!